Do you love craft beer? Do you love Green Flash beer? Do you want to be part of our inaugural Brand Ambassador program? Did you answer YES to the the above three questions?

If so, we want YOU to be a part of the Green Flash Craft Crew in Virginia State.  Check out the details of what it will entail, and fill out an application to be considered as an official member of our first ever Craft Crew.

  1. Is Green Flash among your top three go-to craft beers?
  2. Do you like to educate / be educated about all things related to Craft Beer?
  3. Are you active in your local beer community?
  4. Have you visited more than  3 breweries in the past 12 months?
  5. Do you know where your nearest Green Flash retailer is?
  6. Have you attended at least one beer festival in the last 6 months?
  7. Do you understand, enjoy and appreciate beer and food pairings?
  8. Are you an active user on 2 or more of the following social media platforms:
    – Facebook
    – Instagram
    – Twitter
    – Pinterest

We’re looking for Craft Crew members to be the local voice for Green Flash from May 2015 until Summer 2016.  As a Craft Crew member, we’ll be asking for your help in spreading the word about Green Flash news on social media, to join us at events and get some awesome Green Flash perks in return!

Do you live within one of the following Virginia State areas?

 Virginia Beach | Norfolk | Hampton Roads| Newport News | Richmond | Chesapeake | Suffolk | Williamsburg  Charlottesville | Fairfax | Arlington | Alexandria | Blacksburg | Roanoke

What are the perks of becoming a Craft Crew Member?

  • The chance to be one of the FIRST Green Flash Craft Crew members in the country  
  • A Green Flash branded Craft Crew Bag filled with wearables, beer essentials and giveaways 
  • Some great Green Flash event ideas so you can throw your own bottle sharing party, beer tasting or beer and food pairing event  
  • Get an industry discount at Green Flash Brewery in Virginia Beach upon its opening in 2016  
  • Gain experience working in the craft beer industry as a brand ambassador  
  • The opportunity for an all-expenses paid trip to San Diego where you can brew your own, original beer with Brewmaster Chuck Silva 
  • An invite to a private event at the new Green Flash location in Virginia Beach to as a special way for us to say THANKS

What’s required of a Craft Crew Member?

We’ll be assigning each Craft Crew member a list of different activities to complete. As a Craft Crew member, you can sign up for these suggested activities to collect points and earn rewards. These activities will range from sharing Green Flash social posts, going to your local bar and supporting a Green Flash event, helping us as a volunteer at our annual Treasure Chest Food & Beer Festival in Virginia Beach, etc.  

Our chosen Craft Crew recruits will be asked to commit to participate in the program from April 2015 till the opening of the Green Flash Virginia Beach facility in 2016. We estimate the commitment will require 3-5 hours per month of your time.

We’ll be holding the Craft Crew kick-off in and around the Virginia Beach area from April 13th – 17th  If you’re able to join us and meet the team that would be great! However, it is optional and your inability to attend the kick off will not impact your Craft Crew member status.

Please note this is a volunteer brand ambassador program, and is not a paid position.


If you are still reading this and interested, fill out the application form below. We’ll be accepting application submissions until March 27th. If our team thinks you are crew member material, we’ll be in touch with you directly! Please plan to be available for a prearranged phone chat with our team scheduled for March 30th or 31st. 

Are you an employee of another beer company? If  YES, as much as we’d love your expertise, we don’t want to upset our friends at other breweries. Employees of other breweries are not eligible for consideration as a Green Flash Craft Crew member.