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Behind the Craft: Cheese 101

Wednesday., February. 27, 2013


The Green Flash University is opening its doors at the end of February and hosting the first in this year's Seminar Series - Behind the Craft. Cheese 101 will be the first of three workshops for 2013 which will also feature the craft behind cured meats and handmade chocolate. Being held at the Green Flash University of course means all seminars will feature beer pairings!

Join Green Flash Cicerone Dave Adams and Rob Graff of Venissimo Cheese for a special Beer & Cheese workshop. Learn all about the history of cheese, where it comes from and the cheese-making process. Each cheese will be paired with a Green Flash Brew and the experts will walk through different flavor profiles of each complete with tasting notes!

Tickets are limited and only $10 for the seminar and all beer & cheese: 


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