Green Flash Brewing Co. ™

Locally Brewed and Bottled in San Diego County, California


Our Company

A small company with big ideas.

Mike and Lisa Hinkley took their interest in the craft beer industry to a new level in 2002 when they founded Green Flash Brewing Company. Former pub owners, Mike and Lisa jumped into brewing, and in 2004 renowned brewmaster Chuck Silva joined the team.

With Chuck on board we began brewing premium style beers, modern twists on traditional styles, and our beers began to develop a following. Cutting edge brews, Green Flash Brewing Company’s beers don’t fit traditional guidelines, instead we let our hybrid, benchmark beers blaze their own trail.

Located in San Diego, CA, we specialize in brewing assertive and distinctive beers, such as our West Coast I.P.A.: an award-winning beer whose wide acceptance has helped define a category. We also brew seasonal, collaborative and barrel-aged beers.

Our award-winning beers are on draft and bottled and are available throughout the United States in bars, restaurants and retail outlets.

Our People

A small team of people making great beer.

Every person on our team contributes to the success our beers, and we rely on them to continue to bring a new, fresh approach to brewing beer. Here’s to the team that brews, bottles, markets, sells, and delivers the brews of Green Flash Brewing Company.





Mike and Lisa Hinckley - Green Flash Brewery

Mike Hinkley

Chief Executive Officer
and Co-Founder

Lisa Hinkley
Vice President – Marketing
and Co-Founder



Chuck Silva Steve Goodger Jim Kenny
  Chuck Silva
Vice President of
Brewing Operations
Steve Goodger
Chief Financial Officer
Jim Kenny
Vice President of Sales




Natalie Sellers Elizabeth Bradshaw Gaby Hills
  Natalie Sellers
Marketing Communications Manager
Elizabeth Bradshaw
Event Specialist
Gaby Hills
Merchandise and Marketing Associate


Monica Raymond Leah Brownlee Jordan Arndt
  Monica Toombs
Graphic Designer
Leah Brownlee
Social Media
Jordan Arndt
Marketing Assistant




Dana Vasquez Nick Flood Jennifer Hill
  Dana Vasquez
National Account Manager
Nick Flood
Regional Sales Manager
Jennifer Hill
Regional Sales Manager


Quinn Taubenheim Nate Levi Bob Repp
  Quinn Taubenheim
Regional Sales Representative
Nate Levi
Regional Sales Representative
Bob Repp
Regional Sales Manager


Sean McGilloway Josh Samples Chris Stauder
  Sean McGilloway
Regional Sales Representative
Josh Samples
Regional Sales Representative
Chris Stauder
Regional Sales Representative


Ally Centonze Jeff Croy Sarah Lattanza
  Ally Centonze
Regional Sales Manager
Jeff Croy
Regional Sales Representative
Sarah Lattanza
Regional Sales Representative


Mario Lopez Shelby Springer  
  Mario Lopez
Regional Sales Representative
Shelby Springer
Senior Retail Associate




Grant Kreiger Heather Lewis Ernie Mario
  Grant Kreiger
Operations Manager
Heather Lewis
Production Planning Coordinator
Ernie Mario
Warehouse Operations


Garret Numbers Bobby Oliver Jacob Nikos
  Garret Numbers
Warehouse Associate
Bobby Oliver
Warehouse Associate
Jacob M. Nikos
Customer Logistics Coordinator


Cameron Van Dorsen    
  Cameron Van Dorsen
Warehouse Associate

Administrative and Accounting



Jack Conley Leann McCormick Kevin Brown
  Jack Conley
Accounting Manager
Leann McCormick
Compliance Manager
Brianna Remington
Business Analyst


Sara Bunning Marlene Hurtado  
  Sara Bunning
Administrative Assistant
Marlene Hurtado





Erik Jensen Chris Weber Pat Korn
  Erik Jensen
Head Brewer
Chris Weber
Packaging Supervisor
Pat Korn


Kevin Barnes Joe Lisica Lance McCoy
  Kevin Barnes
Joe Lisica
Lance McCoy
Assistant Brewer


Fletcher Hillebrand Ron Angelo Josh Coombs
  Fletcher Hillebrand
Assistant Brewer
Ron Angelo
Josh Coombs


Kevin Brown Nathan Damschen Chaz Donald
  Kevin Brown
Nathan Damschen
Chaz Donald
Mechanic Assistant


Kevin Brown Kevin Brown Kevin Brown
  Steven Herzing
Daniel Crouse
Leo Milla


Kevin Brown Kevin Brown
  Scott Burley
Oscar Lemus


Kevin Brown    
  Nick Ceniceros

Tasting Room



Dave Adams Kevin Brown Dan Paslawsky
  Dave Adams
Tasting Room Manager
Barbara Harnish
Assistant Manager
Dan Paslawsky


David Rodriguez Sean Wardell John Silveria
  David Rodriguez
Sean Wardell
Tour Program Director
John Silveria


Dan Flores Kevin Brown Lizzie Mario
  Dan Flores
Jennifer Curry Cain
Retail Sales Associate
Lizzie Mario


Kevin Brown Kevin Brown Kevin Brown
  Kristin Ortiz
Andrew Cooper
Tasting Room Security
Justin Evelyn


Kevin Brown    
  Josh Hernandez

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Flash Mob at the Craft Brewers Conference

Tue., Apr. 8 - Sat., Apr. 12


Beer Dinner at Choice City Butcher & Deli

Tuesday., Apr. 8


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April Food Truck Calendar


On Tap This Week


Cask Tappings


Close Year Round: West Coast IPA, Double Stout, Hop Head Red, Imperial IPA, Le Freak. Seasonal Release: Palate Wrecker (Jan-Apr), Road Warrior (May-Aug), Green Bullet(Sep-Dec). Limited Release, Hop Odyssey: Black IPA(Feb-Mar), 30th Street(Apr-May), White IPA(Jun-Jul), Citra Session(Aug-Sep), Cedar Plank(Oct-Nov), Symposium IPA(Dec-Jan)