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Flash of Genius

We Take Craft Brewing Very Seriously

We are brewing trailblazers and we believe in continuously evolving. Above all we champion the enlightened beer drinker. The Flash of Genius stories shed a green light on the rich heritage, flavor complexities and detailed process poured into our quality beers. Drink the beers, learn the story, taste enlightenment.

Hop Odyssey

Set sail on six hoppy adventures!

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Hop Odyssey


Epic Journey
Limited Release

We believe in continuously evolving. This means crafting and sharing experimental brews to inspire and enlighten your palate.

We are constantly exploring new hop varieties, fresh combinations and innovative brewing methods. Embark on an epic journey and discover our craft.

  • Black IPA
  • 30th Street
  • White IPA
  • Citra Session
  • Cedar Plank
  • Symposium IPA

Discovery Pack

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Discovery Pack



Introducing our multi-pack for craft enthusiasts to explore our lineup of award winning ales. Our Discovery Pack includes 8 12 oz. bottles: 4 West Coast IPA, 2 Double Stout and 2 Hop Head Red. West Coast IPA, our most popular beer and most recognized brand, is our flagship beer. Double Stout is a year round high gravity dark beer that will balance the IPA assortment. Hop Head Red is a double red IPA that is a unique style and a more approachable IPA.

Genius Lab

Where Experimentation Sparks Ingenuity

A Flash of Genius often emerges as a collaborative phenomenon. That's why we invented the Genius Lab. One part brewing methodology and two parts innovation, we're sparking new discoveries in our lab every day. At Green Flash, we tap our entire team and test their theories to create imaginative new beer formulas. Scientifically sound, seriously tasty beer. It's the perfect equation. Are you ready to experiment? Grab a glass and get to the bottom of it.

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