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Company streamlines operations around its breweries and core markets 

Green Flash will streamline its distribution reach and focus sales and marketing efforts on core U.S. regions with the most efficient access to the Company’s San Diego and Virginia Beach breweries. This strategic re-focus will enhance the Company’s operations and provide consumers with the freshest beer possible. Concentrating sales and marketing efforts on a more focused geographic footprint will accelerate sales velocity, increase inventory turnover, and result in more than 90% of all shipped Green Flash and Alpine beer arriving the same day that it is shipped.

Beer brewed and packaged in San Diego will ship to Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nebraska, Nevada, Texas, and Utah. Beer brewed and packaged in Virginia Beach will ship to Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia. These East Coast states have collectively become the fastest growing Green Flash region, benefiting greatly from the Virginia Beach brewery’s first full year of production in 2017.

The Green Flash Brewhouse & Eatery in Lincoln, Nebraska will open as scheduled in the first quarter of 2018, and will brew beer serving the state of Nebraska. The Company is excited to build the Green Flash and Alpine brands in Nebraska, which will serve as the model for future Green Flash geographic expansions.

This strategic initiative has resulted in 15% of the Company’s workforce transitioning out of the Company. No employees working in Green Flash’s tasting rooms and no Alpine Beer Company employees were impacted. “We are sorry to lose these valued team members. They are all talented and passionate individuals who have contributed to Green Flash,” shared Mike Hinkley.

“Re-focusing our distribution was a difficult decision that we did not arrive at lightly,” says Chris Ross, President, “we are grateful to our friends working at the distributors and retailers that made it possible for our fans to enjoy Green Flash beer over the years.”

About Green Flash Brewing Co.

Green Flash Brewing Co. is headquartered in San Diego, California, and was established in 2002 by co-founders Mike and Lisa Hinkley. Brewmaster, Erik Jensen, leads brewing operations. Green Flash is an award-winning brewer of fine, craft ales, and specializes in brewing assertive and distinctive beers, such as nationally acclaimed West Coast IPA: an award-winning beer whose wide acceptance has helped define a category. In 2016, Green Flash opened a full-scale brewing facility in Virginia Beach, VA and in 2018 will open a Brewhouse and Eatery in Lincoln, NE.